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Old Towne Associates, P.C. provides services in the areas of employment law and general civil litigation in state and federal courts in Virginia and DC.


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Congratulations! Starting a non-profit can be very rewarding, but very complex as well. We can help you navigate the process and avoid the legal pitfalls inherent in setting one up.

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Business Disputes

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Monique, you have been compassionate and considerate of me through the entire process, I will always appreciate what you have done for me. Thank you for living your faith in the work that you do, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Let me know if there is ever anything that I can do to help you.  Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. Matthew 5:6. Thank you.
-TS, a former client
As a practicing attorney, I found myself caught in unwanted litigation (yes it happens) and my emotions had clouded my judgment, so I turned to Monique. Through much prayer and Monique's excellent handling, we prevailed in a case where my chances were slim. There is no doubt in my mind, Monique brought professional and zealous representation to my case.
-William M.
I have had the pleasure of having Monique handle a very personal and challenging case for me. She’s a competent and knowledgeable attorney, that is also able to show a level of compassion that, I feel is needed to help better serve her clients. When I had questions, she was always willing to help answer them for me. She absolutely made me feel that my case was her most important when I was speaking with her. I would highly recommend her services without reservation.
KB, a former client
I had the pleasure to work with Ms. Miles on my employment matter. She was focused, determined, and dedicated to achieving the best results for me. Ms. Miles has excellent knowledge of the law, and believes in meticulous preparation of her cases, which is evident when you discuss matters with her. I could never thank her enough for all the work she put in my case; she has made a real impact in my life!
J.L., a former client
I had the pleasure of working on the opposite side of Ms. Miles on a difficult and challenging case. Her legal work and advocacy were first-rate, but almost more noteworthy was the professionalism she exhibited throughout the proceedings, despite our adversarial positions. I would recommend her highly to anyone in search of competent legal representation.
Michael J. Lorenger, Lorenger & Carnell PLC.
Monique's counsel and expertise were invaluable in navigating a complex issue in my workplace that was important to my career and family. Her guidance on everything from written documentation to how to best address challenging interactions and conversations gave me the knowledge and support I needed to achieve a positive outcome. Her help took me from fear to confidence-- and made an incredible difference.
M.S., a former client
During a difficult matter with a former employer– Old Towne Associates went the extra mile in helping me attain a successful outcome. Ms. Miles’ demonstration of compassion and integrity; as well as her ability to effectively advocate for me, made a huge difference and will always be appreciated. I am blessed to have had the expertise of Old Towne Associates and Monique Miles on “my team”. I highly recommend Ms. Miles.
-Anon, a former client
I fully endorse Monique Miles in employer-related law matters. I have welcomed her advice on legal matters in the past. She is intelligent, compassionate, and is full of energy to serve her community and clients!
Tim O’Connor, Director of Sales & Operations – Blue Kamen Benefits